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Reach your performance objectives through a role-specific programme

A window is a source of light, and that’s already a step towards seeing things clearly. But windows are also vantage points, and in order to fully understand a situation, we need to open several of them.

The performance window is a tool that puts you into a challenging situation. As a manager, you need to constantly ask yourself what is within your power to help your business progress. This is a mission that can be carried out in a more creative, fun and inspired way than a simple soul-searching session. In order to implement a successful action plan, you often just need to look in the right place. The resources we need are often right under our noses.

Across 6 roles, we have developed a coaching mechanism oriented towards sustainable business performance. Intrapreneur, entrepreneur, ambassador, developer, manager and leader: each represents a point of action and a potential source of great achievement. You can decide to take on one or more of these roles, to delegate them or to reorganise them as you see fit. The objective is to create an efficient system, relevant to your goals.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts, and your business definitely contains a wide diversity of identities if you look at the people it’s made up of. Individual style, culture and values can produce unexpected results when you manage to highlight them. Increasing diversity often does wonders for your reputation and commercial success.

As a coaching concept, the performance window is also oriented towards individual performance. Each of the 6 roles is a new window through which a problem can be resolved. Ideal solutions can often be found where two paths meet, and it’s by finding that meeting point that you can optimise your ingenuity, your diplomacy, your determination and thereby your performance.

How can you create a favourable environment for innovation and spontaneous creativity among your team members? One of the best-known solutions nowadays is to take note of, and to harness, the potential of collective intelligence. We invite you to observe the limits of the pyramid model and to dare to try collective intelligence, based on a collaborative economy, self-management, authenticity and leadership. Just like with a sports team, performance is a result of a fluid collaboration, which becomes almost intuitive.

Who can we help, where and when?

We intervene most frequently to improve a company’s dynamic:

  • Fluidity of teamwork
  • Redistribution of roles
  • Restoring staff motivation
  • Preparing a team for a new challenge
  • Developing self-confidence
  • Creating an atmosphere of collective innovation
  • Promoting commercial excellence
  • Setting a new direction and sticking to it
  • And many other initiatives, whether a company is at the top of its game or is looking for a new lease of life

This coaching tool is the result of the experiences of Antoni Fasullo, who has been a trainer and coach for more than 10 years.

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