What is an entrepreneur?

Move forwards, find inspiration for new projects and do all you can to bring them to life! That’s the personality of an entrepreneur. To become one, you’ll need to develop your strategic and inventive skills and your project management.
Whether you want to excel in your current role or you have your sights set on new projects, we can help you to develop your capacity for initiative.

Coaching objectives

Individual or group coaching:a personalised approach at every step

  • Kickstart new projects
  • Bring meaning back to your professional life through outplacement
  • Make your mark in a new working environment
  • Define a goal, a direction and a strategy to achieve it
  • Outline common ground with your partners
  • Overcome obstacles and fears, minimise risks
  • Develop your entrepreneurial skills
  • etc…
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The different roles

So many perspectives to explore

Your coach’s CV

Antoni Fasullo, trainer and coach for more than 10 years.

Associate Certified Coach (ACC) as awarded by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), trained in T.A., NLP, Process Communication, team coaching, creativity, and business support (a certified CREA Coach).

About the coach


An inventive, ingenious and persevering visionary