What is an ambassador?

Often confused with the position of salesperson or representative, the role of an ambassador is to be both of those things and more. As an ambassador, you are also a mirror into the values and culture of your company, you juggle the needs of your employer and those of your clients, and you feel at ease in any situation.

Whether it’s to sell more, to easily win over investors, to negotiate big contracts or a simple pay rise, we can guide you as you progress.

The objectives of coaching

Individual coaching: a personalised approach at every step

  • Approach clients with greater confidence
  • Refresh your understanding of the sales profession
  • Empower yourself to excel at sales
  • Sharpen your negotiating skills
  • Establish emotional support strategies
  • etc…
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The different roles

So many perspectives to explore

Your coach’s CV

Antoni Fasullo, trainer and coach for more than 10 years.

Associate Certified Coach (ACC) as awarded by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), trained in T.A., NLP, Process Communication, team coaching, creativity, and business support (a certified CREA Coach).

About the coach


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